Thursday, March 10, 2011

Entering the World of Blogging

Welcome to my world! 

Most weeks I am on a plane traveling somewhere in the United States to perform my job.   Being a "Road Warrior" has its perks . . . seeing parts of the country I have only read about, meeting so many people, and being able to see my granddaughters who live 3000 miles away when I am working in the area.  And, I can't forget to mention the "perks" of earning those all important frequent flyer miles and hotel points galore.  But in exchange for these "perks", I am away from my husband and our home.

One thing I am really missing in my life is a Bible study with other women. See, with my travel it is impossible for me to attend a weekly Bible Study.  I NEED to be in the Word and I  know it!  It has just been hard for me.  I have plenty of Bible Study books I could use.  In fact, I am looking at them all sitting so pretty on my shelf.  But to be honest, I need the Bible Study interaction with other women.  It allows for sharing, caring, and loving! 

A long time ago, I pondered the idea of starting a virtual "Bible Study" for women who travel like me and are unable to attend a "physical" Bible Study.    I  recently watched a video clip on Facebook about our big "buts". No, it is not a typo - I meant buts - I would like to do a daily devotional, BUT fill in the blank with any reason/excuse.  I would like to start a virtual Bible Study, BUT fill in the blank with any reason/excuse.

So, no more BIG BUT!!  This is the Day!

I don't know if other women have this void in their lives or if there is an interest in a virtual Bible Study.  But until that is known, I will have a Thursday Morning Ramblings from the Road and share a scripture, a picture or a story about how I knew God was with me that week!

Lets experience more about the wonderful Lord we serve!  Be my travel companion on Thursday mornings!

This is the day which the LORD has made;
Let us rejoice and be glad in it.
Psalms 118:24


  1. Awesome! I will look forward to reading your blog!


  2. Great blog idea! Love it and you're such a good story teller that I'm sure you'll be a terrific blogger. Can't wait to tune in with you on Thursdays!

  3. Thank you Katie for the first post and thank you A. Joy for being my first follower!

  4. I'll be there~ I am excited for this new adventure for you, and with you!

  5. I'm glad for us that you're following through with your idea! I'll be here on Thursday's with you wherever I am!

  6. I am not a lady, but I will look forward to your posts. I pray that God will continue to make His will known in your life and that He will fill you up with His Truth and Goodness!